About Us

Welcome friends! 

I’m bee love and I love honey very much. That’s the first thing I have on most mornings; there’s honey in my milk, on my toasted bread, and in general, wherever there’s scope for sweetness, I look for honey.

You won’t be surprised to know – I love bees. That’s until I was bitten! That has me wondering. Bees – are they’re a blessing, or are they a menace? On one hand, they’re good for the ecosystem and on the other hand, they have stingers whose bites hurt like hell. And while you should definitely not hurt (or worse kill) the bee, you cannot possibly share your home with them either. Oh, the dilemma!

All About Us

Bees are an important part of nature- they aid in pollination and maintain the ecological balance. Exterminating the entire population of bees would do us more harm than good. I have worked on farms where bees are reared, and been part of teams that work towards conserving these tiny creatures and keep them far away from your property. But before I begin to talk about our beekeeping methods, let me give you a glimpse into the fascinating lives of bees.

The Buzz About Bees

Now, not all bees make honey and live in meticulously managed huge colonies and intricate hives. Some like to live the solitary life and nest in abandoned wooded warehouses during summer. Every bee has its unique life cycle and habits. We aim at educating the people about identifying the bees and then helping them deal using natural remedies. We believe in the sustainable existence of bees and humans. Our beekeeping establishments are structured to provide bees a secure environment to survive and continue living as they did in the wild.

Bee Conservation- What do We Do?

Bees are pollinators and hence imperative to complete the reproduction cycle of flowering plants and trees. Our team comprises of backyard beekeepers, nature lovers, beekeeping hobbyists, and bee nerds who have an unflinching love for bees, and an unshakeable concern for their well being. Our focus is on spreading the word about natural bee treatments and techniques effectively drive them away from your property and not straight up kill them. Of course, this takes a lot of time, reading, experimenting, researching, and patience, but we are dedicated to putting in that effort if it makes the world a better place for bees and humans to co-exist.