Honeycomb Shape: Why Are Honeycomb Cells Hexagonal

Bees aren’t just the world’s most efficient pollinators. They also have a strong claim to the title of the world’s best architects and engineers.  The supporting evidence isn’t hard to find. You only need to look at the honeycomb shape — rows upon rows of hexagonal cells separated by wax walls — a stunning application … Read more

Do Bees Really Sleep in Flowers and Dreams

Yes. Bees are known to rob your flowers of their beauty. Sleeping bumblebees or honeybees are the reason behind the unexplained holes in your flowers.  Like other insects, bees sleep too and flowers are their bed. And they sleep like a baby, taking on a perfect sleeping posture and restraining any movement. As a bee … Read more

About Robber Bees & How to Stop Hive Robbing

In the next 10 minutes, you’ll have answers to the following: What are robber bees? Why do bees rob honey? When does hive robbing happen? How can you tell when a hive is being robbed? How long does hive robbing last? How can you prevent hive robbing? What are the different ways in which you … Read more

What Do Bees Eat (and Drink)? How Do They Survive

What Do Bees Eat

I was chatting with a friend a couple of days ago about carpenter bees, and through the course of conversation, she said, “Those wretched things ate through my porch supports.” After that, I proceeded to ask her what she thought carpenter bees ate, to which she replied, “Well, the wood, of course! *laughs* Why don’t … Read more

Why Bumble Bees Don’t Make Any Honey

Bees make honey. But do all bees make honey? What about the bumblebee that wanders around your terrace garden? Do bumble bees make honey? Well, honey bees are not the only kind there are. The Apidae (bee) family has about 5700 species. Bumblebees and honey bees belong to the same family of insects. There are … Read more

Bee Anatomy – Study of Honeybee Body Parts

The honey bee is so small. But the working of its body is so fascinating. There is so much going inside that tiny body. They live in colonies and help each other to ensure survival by making reproduction happen. They are so set in their roles that, through evolution, their bodies have adapted to their … Read more

Can Bumble Bees Sting You: Learn About bumblebee Stings

The short answer? Yes, bumblebees do sting. But, it’s rare. The Long Answer: Do Bumblebees Sting? Drones or male bumblebees don’t sting. Because they do not have stingers. Female bees sting. But, only if they feel threatened or they believe their hive is at risk. Also, they normally warn you if they’re going to sting … Read more

How Do Carpenter Bees Drill Holes

Carpenter bees are physically the most similar to bumblebees. However, unlike bumblebees, carpenter bees have a back shiny abdomen. They both also have mouthpieces called mandibles. A bumble bee’s mandibles aren’t very strong. Even if it bites you, the damage is minor. Carpenter bee’s mandibles are very strong and can dig through wood. They move … Read more

How Many Legs and Wings Does a Bee Have

When I say the word “wings,” I guarantee that everyone here thinks it’s a set of two. After all, birds have two wings, so it would be natural to assume that bees do so too. In reality, though, several insects have two pairs of wings, and bees are no different. In this article, we’ll be … Read more

Why and When Do Bees Swarm? How to React?

You and I talk and communicate through words. That is our language, and we manage to convey information to one another through the use of sound and hearing. Bees, on the other hand, communicate through the sense of smell. The queen bee releases pheromones into the air, which spread very rapidly over a significant area, … Read more