What is Beeswax and How Do Bees Make it

Before we dive into the main question, let’s discuss a few interesting facts about beeswax: For starters, it’s beeswax and not bees’ wax. It’s one word. And what is beeswax? Simply put, it’s wax made by bees. Wax was initially only applied to the wax secreted by Apis mellifera, the European honey bee. And the … Read more

Should I eat honeycomb? Yes. Explained

Yes, you can eat honeycomb without worrying about the wax. The rich and sweet flavor will leave you wanting more. It will actually enhance your experience of consuming honey because of its chewy texture. Sometimes, I even chew it like gum. In fact, honeycomb is the healthiest way to consume honey. It is rich in … Read more

How to Use Bee Pollen? 3 Cool Uses and 4 Key Benefits

So, what is bee pollen? Bees collect pollen from several plants. This pollen becomes a source of food for bee colonies in the form of minerals, proteins, and fats.  Bee pollen may also consist of other compounds like honey, enzymes, nectar, and bee wax. Now, to answer your question. 3 Main Uses of Bee Pollen … Read more