Drone Male Honey Bee (Role and Mating Behavior)

Drone bees are male honey bees. The scientific name for honey bees is Apis. Honey bees form a small percentage of the various known species of bees and have sub-categories like Apis mellifera, Apis cerana, etc. Can You Spot Drone Bee In A Crowd? A drone bee looks like a larger version of the average … Read more

When to Call a Bee Exterminator: Find Beekeepers Near Me

Sighting a bee is considered a good omen. These hardworking, productive creatures symbolize good fortune in almost every culture.  But sighting too many bees too often and too close to your home can be a cause of worry.  A bee’s sting can be extremely painful, even fatal if you’re allergic to bee venom. As such, … Read more

Types of Bee Species, Families and Their Name

Before we dive into this vast topic, let me tell you what you can expect to learn about: Different types of bees 9 species of bees and their characteristics 7 families of bees So, let’s begin. Which species do honey bees fall under? The genus Apis.  This bee species has at least 44 known sub-varieties.  … Read more

Do Only Bees Pollinate Flowers or Even Wasps?

Do wasps pollinate plants and flowers

The bees have always been crowned as leader pollinators – and have won the praise of all and sundry. Their brethren, the wasps, have never really made it to the top of the popularity charts. Dismissed as just another insect that often administers a painful sting, we don’t welcome it the way we would the … Read more

What are Vulture Bees? Is their Honey Edible

We’ve all eaten honey at some point in our lives. We all also tend to assume that we know how honey is made: some poor bee goes from flower to flower to flower collecting nectar, and then transforms it into the gorgeous thick golden liquid that we find so irresistible. But what if I were … Read more

Leafcutter Bees — Habitat, Sting, and Everything Else

Welcome! (Or if you’re a returning reader, welcome back!) Let’s introduce you to a special someone — the leafcutter bee. Pretty straightforward name, as you’ll come to find out. A critical difference between leafcutter bees and their cousins, the honeybees, is that leafcutters are solitary bees. Translation: there are no colonies or classes in a … Read more

Why It’s Critical To Save The Bees To Save The Earth

Why are Bees Important? Believe it or not, man has been worshipping the Bees since time immortal. Whether it was the ancient Egyptian civilization that considered bees as royalty in 3500 BC or early Indian Hindu mythology that believes that the Hindu God of Love, Kama Dev’s cupid arrows are covered with bees, or the … Read more

Killer Bees – How To Identify and Get Rid of Africanized Honey Bees

Often referred to as “Killer Bees” by the mainstream media, this species is a cross between the European honey bees and bees from Africa. Africa is a continent known for its primitive, hostile environment where both human and animals were subject to the extremities of nature. Obviously, only the most aggressive and most feral of … Read more

Do You Know That Sweat Bees Sting And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

Sweat bees, scientifically known as the Halictid species, can be one of the most annoying insects. They are found in most parts of the world. These bees typically have a metallic appearance, or an appearance that is darkish in color. While most male bees of this kind have yellowish markings, one may find this species … Read more

Mason Bees: How to Raise and Attract Mason Bees

The number of bees is on a steady decline worldwide today, so much so that in China farmers are resorting to hand-pollination due to the near-absence of bees. In the US too the collapse of colonies has been gradually increasing each year. The reason for this is primarily attributed to the rising use of the … Read more