Privacy Policy

At, we care about the privacy of our readers. So be rest assured that all the details we’ve collected or the logs that we have stored are never shared elsewhere. All the personal information that you might have submitted on the platform will remain strictly confidential. Some of the other rules pertaining to our privacy policy are discussed below. We recommend you go through these rules before proceeding with browsing content on this website.

Why do we need your information and how do we collect it?

You do not need to fill in any details for merely browsing the website. However, in case you want to opt for our services or contact any of our team members, you will need to provide your name, location, gender, nationality, contact number and email address. We need this information to help provide a better experience for our customers. Note, that none of the information that you submit here will be shared by or given to any other company without your explicit consent.

Log Files

Like any third-party websites, uses log files to store the user-specific information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Date/Time Stamp, and Browser type. It also tracks the user’s internet activity and collects their searches caches, geographical location, nationality, email address, to monitor the reader’s activities on the website. Note that we cannot identify a user or get access to any of his personal information like name, gender etc. via the IP address.

Cookies and Caches uses cookies and caches for storing and recording user-specific information. It is used to enhance your online browsing experience. Cookies and web beacons allow us to create customizable, intuitive content that is at par with customer preferences and the latest trends of the market. Google uses DART cookies to send ads to the reader’s browser via the server. You may choose not to share this information with Google (or other such platforms) or block the ads altogether by visiting the Google DART and content network privacy policy of the website.

Google AdSense

You might come across a couple of pop-up ads and click-baits during your browsing experience. Google AdSense is but a way for us to earn revenue and monetize the content. We are not responsible for the kind of content that is displayed in the ads. Also, we do not endorse, promote or guarantee the credibility of the information shows in those ads. These ads are usually in accordance with your caches and preferences on the web. Click on them at your own risk for we are not to be held liable for consequences once you’re redirected to some other third-party website.

Changing the information provided

We allow users the freedom to change or update the personal details that they have shared with us. Send us an email or contact our customer support desk for more information on the same.

For any other specific queries, please free to reach out to us anytime.